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Phases of the Moon Printables (free)

Phases of the Moon Printables (free)

If you’re looking for educational crafts and activities about the moon, look no further than these awesome moon activities and printables. Learning about the moon and our solar system should be fun and enjoyable for kids of all ages. These moon crafts and activities are sure to pique the interest of any student in a fun way.

Free Moon Printables

Oreo Cookie Moons

Easily our most delicious activity is the Oreo cookie moon phases activity. Using Oreo cookies (or any dark cookie with white creme filling), print out the free moon cards and get started. This fun learning activity is one activity your kids and students will love doing while learning about the shape of the moon in its different phases. It’s a great starting point to begin talking about the alignment of the sun and the side of the moon. 

Source: Science Bob

Free Mini Moon Book

Pair this moon phases mini book with the Oreo moon phases activity. The final product, when completed, is a great pocket guide to take with you while observing the different sides of the moon with a telescope, camping, or while stargazing.

Source: 123 Home School 4 Me

Free 45-Page Moon Worksheets Workbook

The link below will take you to a great moon phases website where you can print out a printable pack of resources and fun worksheets for your younger kids from preschool age up through first grade!

Each sheet is different from the last. Most of the sheets hold educational value as your kids and students will be working on many different skills like simple addition, handwriting skills, creative writing opportunities, and matching activities. An absolutely fantastic way to learn about the moon while getting in practice for many other educational skills as well!

Source: Kindergarten Worksheets And Games

Moon Observation Journal

This free printable worksheet will have your kids clamoring for it to be night time so they can track the phase and location of the moon in the sky. This fantastic and educational moon activity comes to us straight from NASA. What better place to get a free printable moon journal than the space guys themselves.

Source: NASA


Moon Activity Ideas

The moon and phases of the moon are an object of fascination for kids. These Science activities and free printables are a great addition to a solar system unit or a moon unit study.



Phase of the Moon Cookie Game

With the holidays around the corner, there should be plenty of cookies to go around. One of the easiest ways to learn is with food. If you have a few extra sugar cookies (10 to be exact), this game is perfect for both extra cookies and killing time between baking those delicious cookies.

You’ll want to start with creating the phases of the moon by creating moon cookies. With the cookies, you’ll create phases of the moon from crescent moon to full moon, and then you’ll match the names of each phase from a free printable found at the linked website below. What a fun and delicious way to learn about the different shapes and phases of the moon!

Source: Nerdy Mama

Interactive Moon Activity 

This awesome interactive moon activity can be found online and done from a computer or tablet. It’s great for students of all ages. The best part is it’s totally interactive with the user. No sign ups or log in is required, so it’s great for students of all ages.

This interactive activity shows the various phases of the moon and how the moon changes during the month. It also illustrates the illuminated part of the earth when the moon or sun is out; you can even check specific dates and times of the month to see what phase the moon will be in!

Source: PBS Learning


Moon Crafts for Kids

These phases of the moon crafts are educational and will be enjoyed by all kids! Give some a try the next time your child is interested in space, the moon, or astronauts, or you’re just looking for some nighttime fun! 



Cute Sun And Moon Craft

Using a few basic craft items, your kids can create this cute hanging sun and moon craft. The created crescent moon sits against a beautiful night sky background, simulating how the moon is out at night. While the sun on the opposite side will be bright and full of color, simulating how the sun creates light during the day. This fun activity is a great way to teach that when the sun is up, the moon is away, and when the moon is out, the sun is away.

Source: Super Simple

Foil Print Moon Craft

A great way to teach about the moon’s surface and its texture is to paint it on paper using foil as the paintbrush. It sounds weird, for sure, but we guarantee this fun moon activity will surely delight your little ones. Using foil as the paintbrush will create a similar texture as the moon’s surface and add a unique learning experience that you won’t get from regular old painting!

Source: A Dab Of Glue Will Do 

Textured Moon Phases Flash Cards

This is a great way to teach the moon phases that kids of all ages can create. These beautifully done flash cards are so easy to make. The best part is they’re fun to touch and trace your finger over.

You’ll need glue or puff paint to outline the shapes of the moon phases and watercolor paint to add color to the cards. There are many different ways to make these.

It’s a pretty simple and straightforward project that would be perfect for any age! You can turn these flash cards into your own moon flipbooks too!

Source: Chalk Academy

Moon Phases Light Up Banner

A great moon craft project that goes great with the book Many Moons (affiliate link). Start off by reading the book “Many Moons” to your children or students. The book will show the many different phases of the moon and compares them to shapes kids already know.

For example, a waxing moon looks like a banana. This is a great way to teach shape recognition too. Kids will remember the shapes and what the moon looks like while it’s that shape.

You’ll need a few purchased crafting items for this moon phase craft, such as envelopes with clear windows, fairy lights, and some small clothespins.

The end product is a fantastic light-up banner that your kids will love and want to hang in their room immediately!

Source: Rainy Day Mum


Moon Facts for Kids

You can start off by checking out Nine Planets for awesome and unique facts about the moon before you jump in to these awesome crafts and activities.

Also, check out Fun Facts 4 Kids to read more about astronauts!