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Sunday School Bible Crafts for Kids

Sunday School Bible Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for a great Sunday school Bible craft or some fun and easy projects you can do with your children that will teach them about God’s love and lessons from the Bible? Then, look no further than these 16 creative biblical crafts. They’re great for both class and home fun and are sure to hit the mark of any Bible lesson you’re looking to teach. 

16 Bible Craft Ideas for Kids

Check out this list with the 16 best Bible crafts and ideas for students, children, and families. These Christian crafts are fun and simple. They are great paired with theses Bible board books.

Bible Crafts for Kids

Jonah and The Whale Craft and Game

This cute and fun craft is not only a great and easy project for the younger kids, but it also doubles as a fun game. What makes this craft even more fun is that you and your littles get to explore an important Bible lesson about obedience while learning the story of Jonah and the Whale. Following the step-by-step instructions and add a few purchased items like balloons, blue solo cups, craft eyes, string, and a printable template to create the whale tale. Your kids will love doing this playable craft. It is fun for kids of all ages.
Source: Meaningful Mama


Cute Cupcake Liner Apple Tree Craft

This cupcake liner apple tree craft makes the perfect Sunday school lesson project. What better way to teach about the Garden of Eden than by creating one of the most important parts of the garden; the apple tree. This is a fantastic Bible craft that you can use to talk about the Garden of Eden and the importance of listening to God’s instructions. Follow the step by step instructions and add crafting materials such as pom poms, glue, brown card stock, and green cupcake liners. You and your children or students can create a beautiful piece of Bible art.
Source: I Heart Crafty Things


Noah’s Ark Craft

This fun little Bible craft can be created while telling the story of Noah and his ark. Great for the younger kids, this simple craft is a fun way to bring the story of Noah and God’s word to life. Using a few items such as pipe cleaners, brown or black construction paper, glue sticks, crepe paper, animal stickers, and scissors, it’s sure to hold kids’ attention while learning the lesson of obedience to the Lord despite the ridicule of others.
Source: Catholic Icing


Paper Plate Prayer Wheel

This paper plate prayer wheel is a great way to teach children where they can pray and how to pray, especially at a young age. You can start by telling them what a prayer is and give them examples of prayers in the word of God. By following the step by step instructions and using the printable templates, this fun craft idea allows children to choose where they pray or gives them an idea of when they can have prayer times.
Source: Crafting The Word Of God


Bible Crafts for Kids

Painted Wooden Cross Craft

This fun and easy Christian craft of painted wooden crosses is a great craft for any Sunday school classroom or culminating project for teaching bible lessons. And the kids will love them!

All you need for these cross crafts are some wooden crosses or jumbo crafts sticks, some paint (and maybe some glitter). They can be hot glued to string or rope to make a necklace or left as is for an artful center piece.
Source: Out Upon the Waters


Holy Spirit Pentecost Straw Craft

An easy Christian craft during Pentecost is also a great way to teach about the Holy Spirit. This easy (possibly messy) craft involves paint (any type), straws, and white card stock or construction paper. Your kids will love blowing through the straws to move the paint around, simulating how the Holy Spirit rushed about like the wind when he descended on his disciples.
Source: Out Upon The Waters


Baby Moses Paper Craft

This Baby Moses craft is a simple print, color, cut, and paste paper craft is easy for young children to create to learn the Bible story about baby Moses in his basket. Once you print out the coloring pages, follow the easy step-by-step directions provided. Your kids will have a beautiful and fun bible craft to do while learning about baby Moses.
Source: DLTK Kids


Days Of Creation Paper Craft

A fun paper craft to teach the days of creation that is fun to do with students as a Sunday school lesson or at home with your kids. These 7 days of creation craft is an easy to make project for younger kids. Simply print the days of creation craft pdf file in black and white to review what God created on each of the seven days according to the book of Genesis in the Bible. The kids will color, cut, and then use brads to create a fun Bible craft! 
Source:  1,2,3 Home School 4 Me


Bible Crafts for Kids

DIY Prayer Jar

A prayer jar is a great craft to help children understand the meaning of prayer and why it’s so important to their faith. This is a great craft idea, especially for the older kids in your Sunday school classroom or even at Summer camp. It’s a bit more involved and has many crafting pieces, but the end product is amazing.

Each student will create their own DIY prayer jar using items like a mason jar, paint, glue, rope, and jumbo craft sticks. This great craft is so much fun and can go along with a discussion about what prayer is, why we pray, and specific Bible verses related to prayer.

One of the best things about this Bible craft is it can also be used as a gratitude jar to teach about mindfulness and all the positives that God has given us. You can even use it to create a blessing jar to teach how to pray for others.
Source: S&S Blog


DIY Prayer Pail

Less involved than the prayer jar, this craft is a great idea if you’re looking to do something similar to the prayer jar but quicker. This prayer pail craft could be a fun, quick project to do after a Sunday school lesson or to do at home with younger kids.

Using a store-bought pail, items to decorate it with, and jumbo craft sticks, this prayer pail is especially good for little hands that might drop a glass prayer jar!
Source: Lu Bird Baby


Paper Easter Egg Printables

A fun take on creating Easter eggs with more meaning. Dying eggs can be so much fun but also a lot of work. This fun paper craft can be used in conjunction with dying eggs or as a stand alone fun Bible craft.

With printable templates and step-by-step directions, your kids will be creating a beautiful work of art while telling the story of the resurrection of Jesus.
Source: The Crafty Classroom 


Wooden Easter Egg Painting Craft

A unique, fun, and lasting way to create Easter eggs is with paint and wooden eggs. These beautiful wooden eggs will make a great addition to your Easter Sunday dinner table and are great to do egg hunts with. The options for creating these eggs are endless. For the older kids, they can draw and paint designs on them, they can be dyed or stained, or children can decorate them with crayons and watercolor paints for the younger kids as well.
Source: My Poppet Makes


Bible Crafts for Kids

Paper Bag Parable of the Prodigal Son Craft

A great Sunday school lesson about forgiveness is the story of the prodigal son. This great craft can be done after teaching the Bible story about the prodigal son.

Your students will use a brown paper bag as the main item in this craft to create a puppet of the prodigal son. With easy to follow directions, your students can create key parts of the prodigal son’s story that are certain to leave a lasting impression.
Source: Crafting Thru the Bible


3 Wise Men Bible Craft

This cute construction paper craft is perfect for the upcoming holiday season and a great addition to teaching about the birth of Jesus. This craft is perfect for younger kids and involves cutting, gluing, and imagination. Using different colored construction paper, your children will cut out the three wise men and decorate them in a scene as they travel to Bethlehem to give Jesus their gifts.
Source: Sunday School Zone


Stained Glass Tissue Paper Nativity Craft

Another fantastic holiday season craft is this awesome stained glass tissue paper Nativity craft. This craft is perfect for the older kids, but can be done with a little more prep and help for the younger kids. Using colored tissue paper for the stained glass and either black card stock or construction paper, your students can create a beautiful mock stained glass window featuring the birth of Jesus. Following the easy step by step directions and printing out the nativity template, this holiday Bible craft will be a hit!
Source: Meaningful Mama


Nativity Shapes Craft

This Nativity shape craft is great for young children to practice shape recognition and scissor skills. This is one of our most popular Christmas crafts.


Christmas Tree Bible Verse Paper Craft

This cute Christmas tree Bible verse paper craft is the perfect holiday season craft for both young and old. Using construction paper, hole punches, glue, and scissors, your students and children can create these beautiful and meaningful bible quote Christmas trees. Once finished, they can be hung on a Christmas tree, given as a gift, or even used as a tag on a gift.
Source: Danielle’s Place


These Bible crafts for kids are the perfect addition to any Sunday school lesson, vacation Bible school, or an afternoon project at home. Remember to discuss God’s love and the prayers and Bible verses that accompany each of these craft projects!