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26 Heart Crafts for Sunday School

26 Heart Crafts for Sunday School

What does love mean? That’s a really tough question. Sometimes, even adults can’t give a straightforward answer to it either. If you ask a child the question, “What does love mean?” you might get answers like; Love one another! Love yourself! Love your parents! Love God! You may not get that straightforward answer you might be looking for either.

One thing we do know and can count on is that love is something the Bible discusses extensively and is a topic that lends itself to countless lessons and stories for kids. That said, below you find 26 of the absolute best heart crafts for Sunday School that share the teachings and love of both Christ and God.

These Christian heart shaped crafts are great to do at any time of the year. They can be used for Valentine’s Day at home or school. They also can be used specifically for Valentines Day Sunday School lessons. So they get a double dip if you’re looking for fantastic Valentine’s Day crafts that include faith, God, and the love of Jesus Christ.

Valentine’s Day Heart Crafts Perfect For All Ages

Here are 26 simple ideas and fun items to create. They can be used as decorations, reminders, or gifts for others.  Teaching the word and message of God is no easy task. It takes time and patience, especially when working with little ones, but it also helps to have a great craft or two on hand to help with these lessons.



Paper Plate Heart Shape Mobile Craft

This a cute and easy craft that gives students an opportunity to share their favorite verse from the Bible. Your students will absolutely love cutting out the heart shape and attaching it to their mobile. For this perfect Bible craft you’ll need yarn, paper plates, construction paper, and some markers. The end product of this simple craft is a beautiful heartfelt mobile that can be hung in a Sunday school classroom or anywhere at home.

Source: Celebrating Holidays

Open The Eyes Of My Heart Craft

This fun craft idea is a great Sunday school project that works especially well for younger children. It requires very few crafting items.Using construction paper, googly eyes, a glue stick, and some craft embellishments (although not necessary), these cute little googly eye hearts will bring joy to the faces of your children.

Source: Catholic Icing

God’s Love Heart Craft

This cute idea incorporates several Bible verses right into the craft using white construction paper, tissue paper, and crayons. This great craft is perfect for the older kids but can absolutely be done with the younger kids as well.

Source: True Aim 

Names Of God Paper Chain

This fun craft is a great Sunday school class project is the perfect opportunity to teach the names of God, especially to the younger kids who are just learning Bible lessons or about God’s love. Using construction paper, scissors, markers, and a stapler, tape, or glue stick your students will no doubt love this simple craft.

Source: Blessed Beyond A Doubt


Painted Paper Heart Craft

This is more of a traditional Valentine’s day craft, but it can be modified to include favorite Bible verses or personal messages about God’s love. Starting with the free printable resource, this craft takes a bit of time.

A few items need to be gathered before starting, like a craft knife or blade to cut pieces of the large heart printable. One of the Sunday school teachers should either use the knife or be present with older children while using it. You’ll also need paint. The resource calls for tempera paint, but acrylic paint would work as well.

Source: Twitchetts

God Loves Me To Pieces Craft

A great craft to go along with the Bible story John 3:1-16 where Jesus spreads the message about God’s love. This is a simple and cute idea to show students God’s love for them and everyone.

Requiring only construction paper, glue, and crayons or markers, it is perfect for a Sunday school class lesson. Plus, the kids will get a kick out of tearing up the construction paper into little pieces.

Source: Sunday School Zone 

Scripture Valentines Craft

Whether you’re a Sunday school teacher or looking for a fun Bible craft to do at home this is a great activity. This project is a little more involved than some of the others, so it may be more useful for the older children. Although with guidance, younger kids can certainly do it too.

Source: Catholic Icing

Fingerprint Heart Valentines Day Tree

This Valentine’s Day craft is a bit more time consuming. However, the end product makes such a beautiful keepsake. Using some card stock, tissue paper, paint, and a little hand, your students will create a cute craft and a moment in time.

Source: Mombrite 


Jesus Loves Me Heart Craft

Have a little one that loves to color? This is a great activity to not only teach about Jesus’ love but have kids show it off too. Using the free printable resource and some crayons, this becomes the perfect craft for younger groups in your Sunday school.

Source: Home School Preschool 

Heart And Cross Valentine’s Day Wreath

This heart and cross wreath craft is a great way to blend both Valentine’s day and sharing in God’s love. A cute craft that can be hung on the doors of your church during February or on your own front door. The hearts and cross show the love your church, community, or family has for God.

Source: It Happens In A Blink 

Bible Verse Scratch Off Hearts Craft

Looking for a meaningful and fun way to share Bible verses? Check out these DIY scratch off cards. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Sunday school Valentine’s crafts we’ve come across. They’re so versatile too. You can choose to use the free printable resource or create your own.

Source: Meaningful Mama 

Salt Dough Scripture Valentines

If you teach Sunday school and want a new twist on Valentine’s day cards, look no further than these salt dough scripture valentines. These are great for all ages. The best part is they can either be pre-made, or you and your Sunday school students can make them from scratch.

Source: This Pilgrim Life 


Bible Word Valentine’s Day Word Search

Have some time at the beginning of Sunday school? Want to have a special heart themed breakfast before church?  A heart-shaped biblical word search may be the perfect solution to both. This fun, free printable resource is a great activity for older children that will help expand their biblical vocabulary! 

Source: Kids Enjoying Jesus

God’s Love Glows Valentine

This free printable resource is a fun way to teach about God’s love and what love means. Students will use scissors to cut out the “Love is” hearts, decorate them, and then attach the hearts to a “God is love” centerpiece.

Source: Egglo 

Cross And Heart Pencil Toppers

This cute Christian craft idea is super easy and great for all ages. All it takes is a little practice and some pipe cleaners. The heart and cross pipe cleaners are very versatile and can be used as table toppers or even utensil toppers, especially for a cute little Valentine’s day dinner.

Source: Twitchetts

Clean Heart Bible Craft

If you’re a Sunday school teacher looking for a unique way to teach about washing away sin, these clean heart crafts are for you. This resource gives 3 really neat ways to show how God and Jesus can wash away our sins. There are 3 different crafts to choose from, but all are equally fantastic Christian crafts.

Source: KGM Crafts


Greatest Commandment Bible Craft

We all know the greatest commandment is love; love god and love others. A great way to show and teach that to children is through great crafts. This resource has a few really fantastic crafts that show how to not only love God but how to love one another.

Source: Ministry To Children

Ten Commandments Craft

If you teach Sunday school and are teaching your students about the 10 commandments, this fun printable is a must for your lesson plan. Opening each door to see the commandment is a fun idea and reminder to take home. 

Source: Kids Bible Teacher

God’s Love Christian Valentine Craft

This cute idea is fun for younger children. Using the free printable resource, have your Sunday school students use scissors to cut out the elephant template. Then, use a glue stick to paste it on card stock. To make the elephant trunk, you can use card stock, but construction paper might work better.

Source: My Joy Filled Life

3D Valentine’s Day Heart Cards

More of a traditional Valentine’s day craft, but the craft is so versatile that you can use bible quotes or even Christian song lyrics instead of to and from as Valentine’s day cards.

This craft does take a bit of time and requires students to use scissors. You can use any color combination of construction paper.  These heart cards would be fantastic to give as a gift or even used as a gift tag on a gift.

Source: Twitchetts 


Valentine’s Day Bible Verse Heart Pocket 

This resource contains the three items needed to complete the absolutely perfect craft for a wonderful heartfelt Christian Valentine’s day. There are a few printables that will need to be  printed prior to the craft is done. The first printable is Valentine’s day bible verse heart pocket (envelope) and the second and third printables are pre-printed bible verses inside heart shapes. 

Source: Bible Story Printables 

Love Is….Heart Card 

The heart card is a perfect gift that can be given from Sunday school teachers to students or a great idea for Sunday school students to give to others. They are very simple to create and make a wonderful gift.

Start by cutting out the free printable resource. Then, use a glue stick to attach the printout to colored card stock. Next, decorate with adhesive foam hearts and a heart shaped lollipop. Such a fun and cute craft idea these are sure to bring joy to anyone who receives one.

Source: Oriental Trading

My Heart Belongs To Jesus Prayer Bank

Here’s a really cute heart craft idea, the construction paper heart prayer bank. An extremely  easy craft that is perfect for younger children, but older kids would enjoy this as well. Taking two pieces of construction paper, a glue stick, and some stickers, markers, or other decorative materials, your students will create a cute little heart pocket or bank. They can then use the pocket to slip in written down prayers or prayer coins.

Source: Ministry To Children 

Grow In God’s Love Craft

If you’re looking for a cute Valentine’s Day craft for your Sunday school class, this ‘Grow in God’s Love’ craft, is it! It’s a great project to do, especially in the spring when everything is blooming and growing again. Plus, the piece created has a very spring time feel to it. The resource provides a free printable and, even better, some verses to go along with it.

Source: Glue Sticks & Gumdrops  


Valentine’s Day Sun Catcher

This is such a cute idea for a sunny day activity at home or a Sunday school class activity. These sun catchers are so simple and look beautiful when hung. They are a bit material heavy and need a few craft store items such as contact paper, a hole punch, glue stick, yarn, and a few others.

The kids will cut out a large heart using the construction paper and then add smaller hearts that are pressed between the contact paper. The smaller hearts can be pre-purchased to save time or the kids can cut them out from construction paper or even tissue paper. Once this is done, a second large heart is applied to the other side and stuck together.

Once the craft is complete, students can write their favorite passage or verse from the bible on it or even their favorite lyric or part of a psalm.

Source: Egglo 

Hidden In The Heart Valentine’s Day Activity

This fun and engaging activity is very involved and should be started a few weeks before Valentine’s day or your Valentine’s day celebration. Gather card stock and yarn or string.  

As you teach new bible verses, have students write down those verses or verses that are “stored in their heart” and then tuck them inside their paper hearts. 



Heart Crafts for Everyone

Whether you are in the classroom, homeschooling, teaching Sunday school, or are just looking for some fun heart crafts for your children. These 26 heart crafts for Sunday school do not disappoint.