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How to Draw Minecraft for Kids (free printable)

How to Draw Minecraft for Kids (free printable)

Do your kids love the Minecraft video game? Mine do! This popular game is played by kids of all ages, whether they play in creative or survival mode.

Why not take your child’s love of Minecraft and use it to make learning fun? This easy step-by-step drawing tutorial is an easy way to do that. All you need is a piece of paper and our How to Draw Minecraft printable.

In a few simple steps, your little artists will be drawing their own main characters. They could even use these printable step by step instructions to make their own Minecraft coloring sheet.



11 Minecraft Characters Included:

  • Steve
  • Creeper
  • Enderman
  • Skeleton
  • Alex
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Ghast
  • Chicken
  • Minecraft Zombie
  • Blank Template


Once older kids get good at drawing the characters using the tutorial, they could create their own Minecraft world on a huge piece of paper. And it all starts with a straight line.



Download the FREE How to Draw Minecraft Directed Drawing Activity


Minecraft Summary

So what is Minecraft all about? Minecraft is a 3D world where players can build, explore, and survive. It is an open ended game that promotes creativity and problem solving. Players can extract raw materials, craft tools, and build structures and machines.


Minecraft Learning Activities


Bake a Cake Dice Game

This Minecraft dice game is so much fun and is easy to play for young children. You can play it with one die or two dice.


Minecraft Dot to Dots

Print these FREE Minecraft Dot to Dots. Connect the dots in number order to reveal your own Minecraft creeper and other characters.


Minecraft Color by Letter

These printable Minecraft coloring pages are a fun way to practice letter recognition. Color each letter on the coloring sheets to reveal your favorite Minecraft characters.


Minecraft Chest Craft

We made this DIY Minecraft chest to go with our Minecraft swords. Print the free pages to make your own using a cardboard box as the base.



Print 8 free Minecraft Pattern Block Mats to create with shapes and make learning fun.