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Super Mario Dot to Dot Activity for Kids (free printable)

Super Mario Dot to Dot Activity for Kids (free printable)

Are you looking for a Super Mario activity book? Does your child love dot to dots? You’ve come to the right place.

These free Super Mario dot to dot pages are so much fun. Connect the letters from A to Z to make each Super Mario character. Then, turn them into coloring pages.


Print the Super Mario World dot to dots and combine them with our Super Mario Coloring Pages and you have an activity book that will keep your kids busy for hours. If this is your child’s first time trying a dot to dot, say the letters or sing the alphabet song as you move the pencil or crayon from each large dot to dot.

These alphabet dot to dots are perfect for:

  • literacy centers
  • Mario party
  • long car rides
  • plane travel
  • waiting rooms

One idea is to laminate the pages and use a dry eraser marker to connect the dots. Then, they can be used over and over again.



Mario and Yoshi are included in this free Mario alphabet dot to dot pack.

Download the FREE Super Mario Dot to Dot Activity


If you are looking for more characters like Princess Peach, Luigi, or Bower, you can find 8 pages of Mario alphabet dot to dots in The Activity Mom Etsy Store


M is for Mario

Try these other DIY Literacy activities with a Mario Theme. 

Go on a letter hunt around the room and find things that start with M like Mario.

Brainstorm a list or look in a supermarket ad for foods that start with M that Mario eats.

Cut out as many of the letter Ms as you can find in a magazine and glue them down on a piece of paper to make a path for Mario to walk on or even create a Mario World.

Make a list of all of the silly words that rhyme with Mario. Find rhyming words for other characters too!


Check out these FREE Super Mario coloring pages!