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100th Day of School Coloring Pages (free printable)

100th Day of School Coloring Pages (free printable)

Are you looking for a quick and fun activity for your 100 days of school celebrations? These FREE 100th day of school coloring pages are a great way to start the day with morning work or for fast finishers on this special day.

These free coloring pages can be used individually or the printable pages can be stapled together to make a 100 Days of School Coloring Book. I love the idea of the coloring book because they can design their cover and take home whatever they didn’t finish. It’s kind of like a party favor for the 100th Day activities.

100 Days of School Coloring Pages

This number coloring page can be the first page of your coloring book. It’s a fun way to reinforce number recognition. Adding color to each of the small shapes strengthens fine motor skills. An extra idea is to cut out the number and make a crown with it by attaching it to a strip of construction paper or sentence strip. 


Color 100 Lucky Coins



One of our favorite 100 Days of School coloring pages is this gold coin page. There are 100 gold coins to color. Color each set of 10 a different color. Then, your students can count by 10s to 100 and can visually see that there are 100. 

A fun 100th day activity to go with this coloring page is to hide gold coins around the classroom. I buy them from dollar tree or a craft store. You can also buy a set of 100 gold coins from Amazon (affiliate link). For older children, write numerals 1 to 100 on the coins and as they find them they can order them in a long line across the classroom. 

Check out our other 100th Day of School Activities. Simple to implement and they will make your students’ 100th day memorable and special. 


100th Day Journal Page

This 100 Day of School journal page is a fun way to reflect on the concept of 100. When is 100 a lot? When is 100 very little? 

  • I would love 100…
  • I never want 100…
  • I’ve been told 100 times to

I also love to do this activity whole group. Either on chart paper in a morning meeting or with sticky notes added to a large piece of paper throughout the day. I think it is a valuable experience for the students to hear their classmates ideas and reflections. Chances are there will be lots of laughter and fun too as you share answers with each other. 

Print this page onto card stock. Color it and then cut around the words and designs. Staple or glue it to a fun color strip of construction paper and turn it into a crown to wear for the day. Adding it to your DIY 100th day coloring book is another option.

An extension of this activity is to have your students write examples on the back of how they’ve worked hard so far this school year. Take time to share those with each other too. 

The phrase 100 Days Smarter is a popular one for the 100th day, so I made this coloring page to do with it. Whether you are using free printables one at a time or to make a book, we hope your students enjoy them as much as we do!

An extension of this coloring page is to challenge your students individually or in groups to write 100 words they know how to spell or 100 math problems they can solve or 100 words to describe themself.



Download the FREE 100th Day of School Coloring Pages



100th Day of School Shirt Ideas

These are my favorite because they are easy and quick to make. Perfect if you waited until the last minute like we often end up doing. You can find inexpensive tshirts at craft stores or you can use an old tshirt that you have at home and turn it inside out. 



100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten

Although this collection of activities was designed for Kindergarten, it can also be adapted for preschool, first grade, and second grade.

It includes ideas for counting stickers and making a crown, painting dots in groups of 10 to equal 100, drawing a 100 monster, flip a coin 100 times and document the results and MORE! 

Happy 100th Day of School!


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