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Free Animal Tracing Worksheets

Free Animal Tracing Worksheets

Early learners will have lots of fun adding these funny whiskers to each animal. These animal tracing worksheets are a great way to strengthen fine motor skills and bring a fun twist to line tracing which is a beginning writing skill. The free printables can be used for morning work, an early finisher, or as an activity for any preschool student.

Laminate the printable pages and use a dry-erase marker to reuse the tracing pages over and over again. Another idea to extend the use of these animal cards is to trace the lines with highlighter first. Then, trace the highlighted mark with a pencil, crayon, or marker. This will allow for extra practice on each sheet. 



This silly pig includes 4 cards. One with straight lines to trace. Another with wavy lines. The third one includes a zig zag line to trace. Finally, trace the spirals to make the whiskers. 

There are six animals all together in this free printable pack. Trace the lines to add whiskers to each of these animals. 

Animals Included:

  • cat
  • mouse
  • pig
  • horse
  • dog
  • monkey

Why is Line Tracing Important?

Tracing lines is an important pre-writing skill. It builds the foundation for forming letters and shapes. It strengthens spatial awareness and allows an opportunity for the child to gain confidence in their control over the pencil. 

What colors are you going to use for each animals whiskers? Will they have rainbow whiskers or whiskers of your favorite color? For older children, this is a chance to talk about symmetry. If each side of the animal’s whiskers have matching colors, it is symmetrical. 



Finish the mice by adding whiskers. The same four sets of lines are included in the mouse set. 

The fun worksheets include farm animals (except the monkey) that can be used with a farm theme. Or maybe you have a letter of the week you are working on. Then, H for Horse or M for Monkey would work. However, you don’t have to have a theme to use these animal worksheets.

Children are drawn to animals and have a natural love and interest for them. So this is a fun activity no matter when or where you use it. They also pair great with these farm books for kids

Lots of laughs happen as children trace each line and make the animals have their whiskers. From straight lines and wavy lines to zig zags and spirals, trace the lines to complete each animal. 



Download the Animal Tracing Worksheets


More Preschool Tracing Pages

Here are more preschool tracing worksheets to make learning fun! From shapes and letters to numbers too, these tracing pages are a great resource to have on hand. 



These shape tracing pages are a fun way to trace shapes not only with a pencil or crayon, but also with stickers, stamps, and play dough. Explore each shape with this free printable. This pack includes seven large shapes to build, trace, and explore. 


Alphabet Tracing Worksheets


Looking for letter tracing? This printable worksheet focuses on uppercase letters. There are only 6 letters on each page so it is not overwhelming and the tracing doesn’t become too tiring. Remember to start capital letters at the top. Some letters have straight lines only. Other letters have curves. Some letters have both lines and curves. 



You will also find free number tracing worksheets at Free Preschool Printables. They include 6 numerals on each page so that it isn’t overwhelming for young children. A ten frame is also included on each page to build each number with blocks, play dough, stickers, or stamps. The possibilities are endless.