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PJ Masks Coloring Pages for Kids (free printable)

PJ Masks Coloring Pages for Kids (free printable)

Does your child love PJ Masks? Do you and your child watch it, talk about it, and pretend to be one of the characters all of the time? Then, you might be looking for free PJ Masks coloring pages. They are a fun way to strengthen fine motor skills by coloring your favorite characters. Combine all of the pages and turn them into your own PJ Masks coloring book.

These fun PJ Masks coloring pages would even be great at a play group, in the car, at a PJ Masks themed party, or while you are waiting at a restaurant. This show and these characters are so popular with young children that I can’t believe it has taken me so long to post them.



What is PJ Masks?

PJ Masks is a popular cartoon series that young children love! Depending on which child you ask, their favorite characters differ. The three main characters in this animated series are regular kids that transform into little heroes when they put their pajamas on at night and make up the PJ Masks Team. Each of the characters have different likes, dislikes, and superpowers.


PJ Masks Characters


Catboy (Real name Connor)

Catboy has the ability to run super fast! Because of his speed he can jump higher and farther than the average human. He produces lightning while running which can charge things like robots. He has super cat ears that allow him to hear things normal people wouldn’t be able to hear. Another talent that Catboy has is that he can use his tail to pick up objects. He can also shoot glowing energy fireballs from his paws. That comes in handy! His costumes color scheme is different shades of blue.

Owlette (Real name Amaya)

Owlette has the ability to see in the dark and see things that are very far away. Her main power is that she can fly with her cape, like wings. Owlette’s wings can make huge gusts of wind. She can shoot feathers from her wings or use those feathers as a shield. She can trap opponents by making a huge nest as as shield. Owlette wears bright colors of red and pink.

Gecko (Real name Greg)

Gecko is the youngest member of the team, but he is an expert at camouflage and has super strong muscles. Those muscles give him super strength to lift large and heavy objects like a museum. Gecko has a talent of climbing up walls like a real gecko. He can turn invisible and even run on water. He can change his costume into different colors like an anole lizard. That’s super cool. Sometimes he has two shields attached to his arms that can block attacks. He drives the famous Gecko Mobile.




Bad Guys

Romeo is one of the nighttime villains. He’s a mad scientist that wants to rule the world with robots.

Luna Girl is another nighttime villain that wants all the daytime things to herself. She uses a moon shaped device to help with her evilness. Luna Girl is known to throw a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. She has moths that help her travel.

Night Ninja doesn’t usually get involved in battles because he calls his helpers the ninjalinos to do the dirty work like his soldiers. Night Ninja does back flips and thinks he is the best at everything.



No need for activity books with these PJ Masks printable coloring pages! 

Download the FREE printable PJ Masks Coloring Pages

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