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Squishmallows Coloring Pages for Kids

Squishmallows Coloring Pages for Kids

Kids of all ages love squashmallows! These cute plush toys are in the homes of children of all ages. They are soft, cuddly, and cute. If your child loves squishmallows and has fun collecting them, you will love these squishmallow coloring pages. These free coloring pages feature cute drawings to print and color.



There are over 1,000 squishmallow characters, but this craze started with 8 original quirky characters.

Original Squishmallow Squad

  • Cam the Cat
  • Wendy the Frog
  • Fifi the Fox
  • Hans the Hedgehog
  • Piper and Puff the Penguins
  • Hoot and Holly the Owls


More than 86 million squishmallows have been sold. They are so popular because they are cute forms of animals with unique names. Each tag has a hobby and special characteristics that are written on its tag. For example, Hans Hedgehog Squishmallow has seen every movie and loves to eat pudding. He visits his family in Europe each summer and they visit museums and explore new countries.



The soft fabric and squishiness of these cute animals are huggable and relieve stress and anxiety. The soft fabric is great for children with sensory sensitivities.

Part of the excitement of finding and collecting squishmallows is the fact that some are exclusive to different stores and others have a holiday theme and are only around during certain times. So whether you are on the look out for a playful parrot, a dreamy unicorn, a stylish cheetah, or a cute chick at Easter time, the hunt is half the fun.


Download the Squishmallow Coloring Pages


Squishmallow Activities

  • Use these coloring pages at a Squishmallow party, on a rainy day, or to make a squishmallow coloring book.
  • Tell a story together about a squishmallow adventure.
  • Put your squishmallows in alphabetical order by their name.
  • Invent your own squishmallow by drawing or painting that shape, adding details, and giving it a name.

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