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Mandala Coloring Pages (free printable)

Mandala Coloring Pages (free printable)

Adult coloring books and mandala coloring books are so popular right now. Younger children, older children, and adults are spending time together and sharing hours of coloring fun. From coloring books to bookmark coloring pages, coloring together is a fun bonding experience. 

Did you know that coloring is actually a great stress reliever? After a busy day, I’ve also found that the conversation flows as we start to relax while we are all coloring together.



These free mandala coloring pages are a great way get creative and strengthen fine motor skills. This download includes 6 pages, each featuring a different design.

These free printable coloring pages feature detailed mandalas. Easy mandalas are on the left side of the page. Detailed mandala designs are on the right side of the coloring sheets.

What is a Mandala?

A mandala is a geometric arrangement of shapes. In some traditions, mandalas can be used as a spiritual guidance tool. A mandala usually represents the spiritual journey through layers, starting from outside to the inside.



Ways to use the Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages

  • Print the abstract mandalas onto regular printer paper. Turn the collection of mandalas into your own coloring book by folding the pages and stapling them together.
  • Everyone in the family uses the same mandala coloring sheet. When everyone is finished coloring, cut them out and fit them together in a grid on a large piece of paper and poster board to make a large, unique piece of family art.
  • Use only warm colors to color one. Then color the geometric mandala using only cool colors. Try black and white. What cool design does that create?
  • Use holiday themed colors to create the gorgeous mandala coloring pages depending on what season you are in. If it’s Christmas time, use shades of red and green. During the Easter season, color the geometric shapes with pastel colors.
  • Color all of the free printable mandalas. Cut them out and use them to make a unique collage.


Download and Print the Detailed Mandala Coloring Pages

This digital download is for personal use only.

Zentangle Art for Kids is also a fun way to get creative as a family. You can also offer this idea at a sleepover for your tweens. 


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