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Minecraft Pattern Block Mats (free)

Minecraft Pattern Block Mats (free)

Pattern blocks are a great way to explore shapes and strengthen spatial awareness skills. They are fun for kids of all ages. These FREE Minecraft pattern block mats are perfect for a small group or to put in Math centers.

You can set the pattern blocks right on top of the pattern block cards because the outline of the different shapes is the actual size of the blocks. You can also use the Minecraft pattern block mats as a guide to build the different Minecraft shapes alongside the mats. They can be used with kids of all ages in different ways.



The free printable includes these popular Minecraft items and characters.

  • creeper
  • sword
  • pickaxe
  • steve
  • axe
  • diamond
  • apple
  • torch


So what is Minecraft all about? Minecraft is a 3D world where players can explore, build, and survive. It is an open ended game that increases creativity and problem solving. Players can craft tools, extract raw materials, and build structures and machines.


Creeper Pattern Block Card

A creeper sneaks up on Minecraft players and explodes when they get close to harm the player.



Steve Pattern Block Card

When a player starts the game, they can spawn as Steve or Alex. Steve is considered the most popular character of Minecraft.



Sword Pattern Block Card

A Minecraft sword can be made from wood, gold, stone, iron, diamond, or netherite. The sword can be used to break blocks faster than they can be broken by hand.



Pickaxe Pattern Block Card

The pickaxe is the most popular tool to use in the game of Minecraft. It is used to mine rock and ore.



Minecraft Axe Pattern Block Card

The Minecraft axe is used to break logs and wooden blocks fast.



Diamond Pattern Block Card

A Minecraft diamond is a rare mineral that can be found in diamond ore or loot chests. They can be collected and used to craft different things.



Torch Pattern Block Card

Torches are found throughout the Minecraft world.



Minecraft Apple Pattern Block Card

Minecraft apples can be eaten by the players.



Download the Minecraft Pattern Block Mats


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This is all so amazing! I have a question for you regarding printing. If you could email me I would greatly appreciate it! I am a special education teacher and I have a few students that are OBSESSED with Minecraft! I have been trying to print but the mats are cut off when I print.

Looking forward to speaking with you!!! Thanks again for sharing such amazing resources!!!



Saturday 27th of April 2024

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