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Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns

Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns

Does your child make endless perler bead creations and love the world of Minecraft? If so, these Minecraft perler bead patterns are for you!

These melty beads are so much fun to create with for kids of all ages. For younger children, picking up and arranging the beads in this Minecraft perler bead craft is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills. Older kids may want to make these perler bead crafts and gift them to a friend or sell them to another Minecraft fan.

Does your kid have a screen addiction? Take a break and spend time together making these Minecraft crafts. 

What is Minecraft

What is Minecraft anyway? Minecraft is a 3D world where players can explore and build (and in survival mode, try to survive). It is an open ended game that focuses on creativity and problem solving. Players can craft Minecraft tools to build structures and machines. When a Minecraft player starts the game, they can spawn as Steve or Alex.


Create the Minecraft sword with perler beads with our free printable design. Whether you are making a diamond sword or iron sword, you can use the same perler bead design and just change the colors.


Download the FREE Minecraft Perler Bead Sword

Ready for more? 


Looking for additional perler bead patterns like the Minecraft sword? Check out our other Minecraft perler beads designs on ETSY.

Designs Included:

  • Creeper
  • Steve
  • Alex
  • Enderman
  • Skeleton
  • Sword
  • Pig
  • Chicken


Minecraft Activities for Kids


Print these free Minecraft Pattern Block Mats to create with shapes and strengthen spatial awareness. This free set includes 8 Minecraft themed items to design with pattern blocks. 



How to Draw Minecraft for Kids

These step by step guides for how to draw Minecraft characters is free to download and print. Teach yourself how to draw a creeper or Steve and Alex. 


Bake a Cake Dice Game

This Minecraft dice game is so much fun and is easy to play for young children. You can play it with one die or two dice. Your Minecraft lover will want to play again and again!


Minecraft Dot to Dots

Print these FREE Minecraft Dot to Dots. Connect the dots in number order to reveal your own Minecraft creeper and other characters. Then turn them into Minecraft coloring pages. 


Minecraft Color by Letter

These printable Minecraft coloring pages are a fun way to practice letter recognition. Color each letter on the coloring sheets to reveal your favorite Minecraft characters.


Minecraft Chest Craft

We made this DIY Minecraft chest to go with our Minecraft swords. Print the free pages to make your own using a cardboard box as the base. This is so fun to make as a decoration for a birthday party with a Minecraft theme.