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Greek Mythology Coloring Pages (free)

Greek Mythology Coloring Pages (free)

Do your students have an interest in Greek mythology? Add these Greek mythology coloring pages to your lesson plans. They are a great way to introduce your students to gods and goddesses and inspire them to want to learn more.


The ancient greeks believed in many Greek gods and Greek goddesses. The heroes of the greek myths fought mythical creatures in ancient Greece. From giants and demons to sphinx and chimaera, there was always a battle to fight.

The Twelve great gods of the Greeks were known as the Olympian gods. Greek and Roman gods are often the same, but have different names. That is why you will see the name of the god or goddess in Rome on each Greek gods worksheet.

Kids of all ages will love learning about ancient history in a fun way with these free printables. These printable pictures can turn into coloring sheets or even a coloring book of Greek gods and goddesses.




Hera, the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, was the wife of Zeus. She is the queen of gods and the goddess of marriage. Her favorite city was Argos. She was known to be jealous and vengeful. In Rome, she is called Juno. The symbol for Hera is a lily. 



Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea and married to Hera. Zeus was the king of the gods and was very wise. He punishes those that lie and break oaths. In Rome, he is called Jupiter. The symbol of Zeus is a thunderbolt. 



Poseidon is the brother of Zeus and Hades and son of Cronus and Rhea. He is the God of the Sea. In Rome, he is called Neptune. His weapon is the trident which he uses to create thunderstorms and tidal waves. The symbol of Poseidon is a Trident.



This god of Trade and Thieves and son of Zeus and Maia was born in Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. He is the messenger of the gods. In Rome, he is called Mercury. Hermes wears a winged hat and sandals. The symbol of Hermes is Caduceus.



Apollo is the god of the sun. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis. Apollo was born on the isle of Delos. He is the God of archery, dance, music, truth, prophecy, and healing.The symbol of Apollo is the lyre. 



Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis. She is the goddess of Wisdom and protects civilized life. The large Greek city, Athens, was named after her. Athena was Zeus’ favorite child. In Rome, she is called Minerva. The symbol of Athena is a spear. 



Ares, the son of Zeus and Hera, is the god of war. However, the Greeks don’t really like him and he is not a great fighter. Ares is the lover of Aphrodite. He is called Mars in Rome. The symbol of Ares is a helmet. 



Artemis was born on the island of Delos and is the daughter of Zeus and Lato and the twin sister of Apollo. She is the goddess of moon and archery. In Rome, she is called Diana. The symbol of Artemis is a bow and arrow. 



Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione and was born from white sea foam. Aphrodite is a beautiful goddess and loves to make people fall in love although she has a bad temper. In Rome, she is called Venus. The symbol for Aphrodite is a rose.



Hades is the son of Cronus and Rhea and the older brother of Zeus. He was married to Persephone. Hades is the god of the underworld. He has a dog with three heads that guards the gate to the underworld. In Rome, he is called Pluto. The symbol of Hades is a key. 



Dionysus, the son of Zeus and Semele, is the god of wine and vegetation. He taught men the culture of wine. Dionysus is the only god to have a mortal parent. He turned pirates into dolphins. In Rome, he is called Bacchus. The symbol of Dionysus is a grapevine.



Demeter, the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, is the goddess of harvest and fertility. She is the goddess of the underworld.

In Rome, she is called Ceres. The symbol for Demeter is a cornucopia. 



Download the 12 Greek Mythology Coloring Pages


Print these 12 free coloring pages onto white paper or card stock. Read the facts to learn about each god or goddess.

Older students can use these printables as a spring board to more research. They can read the facts and see which Greek god or goddess they want to learn more about.