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Preschool Block Challenge (free printable pattern)

Preschool Block Challenge (free printable pattern)

You can make this preschool block challenge using one inch building blocks and the printable challenge cards. You can use this fun block activity as a busy bag, in a block center, or at home on a rainy day. My favorite part is that this requires very little prep work and it can be used over and over again. 

This fun activity is a great way to strengthen so many skills: 

  • fine motor skills
  • visual discrimination skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • critical thinking
  • building skills

Make sure you have enough blocks that are all the same for this stem challenge. The number of blocks you need will be 5 or 10. 

squares in a shape


We used wooden blocks from the Learning Resources pattern blocks. You can use the pattern blocks for so many different and creative ways. So they are worth the money.

However, the great thing about this block play activity is that you can also make it using different materials. Craft foam or thick cardboard can be used by cutting it into one inch squares. 


There are different ways you can try this activity.  For younger children, have them start with the shapes that have the lines of the individual squares drawn in them. Start with only 5 blocks. 



Then, when they are ready for more problem solving, challenge them with the shapes that don’t have the individual squares drawn in them. The first time they try this, you may need to show them different ways to move and arrange the squares inside the lines.  

squares in a shape
You can also make your own cards by putting the squares on the paper in any design you want and then tracing around them. 


squares in a shape
Kids of all ages can find this challenging if you extend the activity to use different shapes like triangles or hexagons (or any other block shapes you have on hand). Fit them together in a design and then trace around the border to make an activity card. Storing the cards on a binder ring is the perfect way to stay organized and to allow your child or students to access it independently. 
Increase the activity to the printable cards that use 10 blocks. Start with the cards that have the square outlines and then move to these blank shapes. 

Download the Preschool Block Challenge Cards



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Deborah (Teach Preschool)

Wednesday 14th of April 2010

Wonderful idea! You can really go off in many directions with this:)

Raising a Happy Child

Tuesday 13th of April 2010

I also thought that this idea is great, but I am yet to implement it.


Monday 12th of April 2010

Love it! Aiden loves playing with our Math-u-see blocks and this would be a great activity to occupy him while I'm trying to help my daughter with her math!