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Printable Alphabet Tracing Cards (free)

Printable Alphabet Tracing Cards (free)

These free letter tracing cards are a great way for young children to get extra practice with writing letters. This low prep activity includes the entire alphabet. The simple design and large letters are perfect for practicing correct letter formation. 

These cards are great for traveling, waiting at restaurants or doctor’s appointments, or even for a rainy day. 

Targeted Skills

Use the printable letter cards to target the following skills:

  • fine motor skills
  • letter recognition
  • hand-eye coordination



  1. Print the free alphabet tracing cards.
  2. Cut the pages into fourths so each letter is on its own card. 
  3. Laminate the cards (optional) or put the whole page in a sheet protector. 
  4. Then, use dry erase markers for tracing letters. That way young learners can get lots of practice tracing letters, wiping it off, and tracing it again. 



We put ours on a binder ring and use it in the car or on an airplane ride. Then, you can trace and flip through each letter of the alphabet. 

I have seen young children form bad habits when they are writing letters of the alphabet. So if you are going to work with your children or students on the proper letter formation of uppercase letters, the important thing is to start at the top. 

You can use these dotted letters in different ways. They are a great addition to a literacy center or busy bag. 



Trace the letters and then say the letter sound. 

Glue the letters of the alphabet each to their own piece of paper. Trace them. Then, cut letters from magazines or junk mail. I do this step ahead of time. Challenge your child to name the letter and glue it onto the matching page. This is a fun way to look at capital letters in different fonts. 

Make alphabet books. Glue each letter card onto a piece of paper. Then, look through magazines and junk mail and find things that start with that letter. Cut them out and glue them onto the corresponding page. This could be an ongoing class book that you continually add to or each child could have their own book. 

If you notice that your child has a hard time with their pencil grip, that’s a signal that their hand muscles need more strength. You can build finger and hand strength by working with play dough, spray bottles, and squeezing sponges. 



Download the Free Printable Letter Tracing Cards




If your little ones need more practice with tracing or love to trace, these Animal Tracing Worksheets are for you! It’s so fun tracing the whiskers of each animal. At the same time, practicing the movement of each type of line is so beneficial.


Letter Tracing Worksheets


If you are looking letter tracing worksheets that include lowercase letters, check out our pages. These free printable worksheets will give you practice with capital and lowercase letters. 


I also love our Animal Alphabet Tracing Cards. These are a fun poster for a playroom or bed room. Each letter includes an animal. The animal name starts with the letter on the page so it is a great way to introduce letter sounds. Then, your child can trace the animal name. Use these to make an animal alphabet book. 



Shelley Lovett

Tuesday 20th of November 2012

I'm glad you like my letter tracing cards ... I have many more free writing skills material on my free page. To the owner of this blog please do not give direct download links of my material on your website as that is in violation of my copyright. You may post a link to where the activity can be found on my website.

Thank you ... shelley lovett


Wednesday 1st of June 2011

I'm Vivian a preschool teacher. Thank you! It's a big help.


Monday 16th of November 2009

Oh, these are great! Thanks.

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Friday 13th of November 2009

I like these - especially that you have the upper and lowercase letters together. Thanks for sharing!