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Cute Squirrel Shape Craft for Kids (free template)

Cute Squirrel Shape Craft for Kids (free template)

Maybe you have just read a book with a squirrel as a main character or maybe you just watched the movie Ice Age and fell in love with that adorable squirrel, either way these easy squirrel crafts are for you! With this great activity, young children can practice shape recognition and it is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills.

Did you know that a squirrel’s teeth never stop growing or that squirrels can find their buried food beneath a foot of snow? That’s a fun fact! This adorable animal is so fascinating. During the Fall season, you will see them gathering and burying food for Winter. 

Squirrel Shape Craft

squirrel shape craft materials



Print the squirrel pattern onto card stock. Cut out the squirrel shapes and trace the shapes onto the colored construction paper. Then, cut out those shapes. 

If you have colored card stock, you could print the free template directly onto it. Another option is to print it onto white paper or card stock, cut and paste the squirrel, and then use paint to finish it. 

Note: You can make grey squirrels by switching the colors of paper that you use. 


squirrel shape craft


This little squirrel includes rectangles, triangles, and circles. The squirrel’s head is made from triangles. The squirrel’s face includes a circle nose and googly eyes that you can find at your local craft store. You could also use paper circles for eyes. If you want to include oval shapes in this easy craft, you can add them for the squirrel’s arms and legs. 

Glue the head onto the top of the body and the tail of the squirrel onto the back of the body. 



We know that squirrels have bushy tails. Two different colored triangles and bending over the top of the tail, give it some dimension. 

For younger children, you can have each unfinished craft shape cut out and ready for the child to put it together with a glue stick.

For older children who can benefit from extra scissors practice, invite them to cut out the shapes on their own. Card stock is the easiest paper to cut for beginners just starting to work with scissors. 


Squirrel Books for Kids

The Squirrels Who Squabbled 

The Squirrels’ Busy Year

All About Squirrels


More Simple Squirrel Crafts 

This dixie cup squirrel craft is the perfect way to make a squirrel that can stand up by itself. This fun craft includes a cup, paper, paint, googly eyes, and a pom pom nose. Make a whole squirrel family and a house to go with them. 

Make toilet paper roll squirrels! These easy printable squirrels just need a toilet paper roll as the base and you are ready to glue. It is a pretty detailed design to cut out and most kids will need help with it. This toilet paper roll squirrel craft is more abstract, but will be easier for young children to create independently. 

Try a squirrel paper plate craft. This fun craft uses a plate, paint, paper, googly eyes, and toothpicks. When it is finished and dry, glue a craft stick onto the back to make it a squirrel puppet. 

Make a paper bag squirrel craft that can be used as a puppet. Draw on details or add them with construction paper. 


Fall Activities for Kids

Roll a Jack-O-Lantern Game

Roll a Jack o Lantern Dice Game

This fun dice game is a great way to practice counting, number recognition, and build number sense all while making a funny or scary jack o lantern face. There are pieces that can be cut out and used to make different faces or you can laminate the page and use a dry erase maker to create your own unique pumpkin faces. 



Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Pumpkin crafts are perfect because they can be created all Fall long! Here’s a collection of our favorite pumpkin crafts for young children. From tissue paper and yarn to paper tubes and egg cartons, you will love these different pumpkin craft ideas. 


Candy Corn Crafts

Nothing says Fall to me like candy corn. You can’t eat it all of the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by it for crafting. These are our favorite candy corn crafts for preschoolers that are fun and easy to do. Make them for decorations for your house or just for fun. 

Thankfulness Tree

Whether it is words or pictures, making and adding to a tree of thankfulness with your kids is a cool Fall project! It is a beautiful decoration and great visual for all there is to be thankful for. From big things and little things, being intentional about being grateful with your children is priceless. 


Turkey Alphabet Game

This is a fun game to take to restaurants and appointments to play while you are waiting. You can practice letter recognition or letter sounds depending on the age of your children. Because it can be adjusted to skill level, this is a great game for kids of different ages playing together. 

Turkey Feather Matching

This free printable turkey activity can be changed to reflect the child’s age or skill level. Match the different colored feather or use the number feathers for number recognition practice. Read sight words and match them to the turkey or strengthen visual discrimination by matching different patterned feathers to the turkey. There are so many options in one free printable activity. 


Children's Thanksgiving Activities

Fall Centerpiece Craft

This Fall craft is a fantastic keepsake. It uses Fall colors of contact paper and different paper shapes as well as torn paper. Writing what you are thankful for and seeing it every day on the table is a great reminder. 


Children's Thanksgiving Activities

Beaded Turkey Craft

I love this craft because it involves so many skills all at the same time. Roll a ball of play dough for the base. Stick pipe cleaners into the playdough for the feathers. Then, lace pony beads onto the pipe cleaners. This turns into a sorting and fine motor skill activity with a fun twist. 

From squirrels and turkeys to pumpkins and candy corn, these Fall activities are sure to keep your kids busy and having fun learning.