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Adorable Woodland Animals Crafts for Kids

Adorable Woodland Animals Crafts for Kids

Looking for simple animal crafts? Do you have a forest theme in your classroom or are you making a bulletin board? These woodland animals are just what you are looking for. These paper crafts all come with free craft templates to print and use. The woodland animals crafts can be made in just a few easy steps. 

A woodland animal craft is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills by cutting and gluing. I love that they are made with craft supplies you already have on hand. If you are going to encourage your little ones to do the cutting themselves, make sure to print the templates onto card stock. That is easier to hold and cut for kids just beginning to use scissors. 

What is a Woodland Animal?

Woodland animals are essentially forest animals. They live where there are lots of trees and plants. Woodland animals include squirrels, foxes, raccoons, hedgehogs, moose, deer, bears, skunks, and more!

Woodland Animals Crafts 


Skunk Craft

Did you know that a skunk can spray up to 10 feet? You can even smell the spray from up to a mile away! One thing I love about skunks is that they eat wasps, bees, and even poisonous snakes. You can make this skunk shape craft in a few simple steps. This is a fun craft to make after reading one of the Sydney and Taylor books or Skunk and Badger. (affiliate links) These would be a great addition to a bulletin board or class display. 


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • skunk pattern


First, print the skunk template onto card stock. Cut it out and trace the shapes onto different colored paper. Then, cut them out.

If you have colored paper, you could print directly onto it. Another option is to print it onto white card stock, cut and paste the skunk, and then use paint to finish it. 

In this craft, the skunk’s body is made from a large rectangle. Triangles are used to make the skunk’s head. A tall, skinny triangle is used for the tail. 



On the face, we used a triangle between the eyes and a circle for the raccoon’s nose. Pick up a pack of googly eyes from the craft store or you can cut out circles from the paper for the eyes. 

For younger children, you can have each unfinished craft shape cut out and ready for the child to put it together with a glue stick.

For older children who can benefit from extra scissors practice, invite them to cut out their shapes on their own. Card stock is the easiest paper to cut for beginners just starting to work with scissors. 


With so many different shapes and sizes of triangles, this is a great time to talk about how triangles can be different. They can be skinny or fat. Triangles can be long or short. It is a great thing to point out in this activity. 



Fox Craft

Make a fox shape craft after you read the story The Mitten (affiliate link) or anytime you read a book with a fox as a main character. Fox crafts can be a great way to talk about adjectives as you describe the fox’s personality in the story. 

This paper fox includes the shapes: rectangle, triangle, and circle. The fox’s head is made from two different sized triangles. The fox’s face includes a circle nose and googly eyes. 


Squirrel Craft

This little squirrel includes rectangles, triangles, and circles. The squirrel’s head is made from triangles. The squirrel’s face includes a circle nose and googly eyes

The teeth on the squirrel shape craft are my favorite part. Did you know that a squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing? I also love how the tail is folded to give it a 3D look. I’m fascinated by the way squirrels gather, bury, and find their food again. Children will be fascinated by these facts too. 



Raccoon Craft

Make a raccoon shape craft with the printable template. You can use thin paper rectangles for the raccoon’s tail or add the black stripes with black sharpie. 

In this craft, the raccoon body is made from a large rectangle. A large triangle is used to make the raccoon’s head. Two small triangles become the raccoon’s ears and a tall, skinny triangle is used for the tail. 

Tips: These woodland animal crafts can be made with whatever colors your child or students choose. All of these crafts can also be made with a paper bag as the body so that they can become woodland animal puppets. Puppets are the perfect way to tell a story. 


Woodland Animal Books 

Over In the Forest

Discovering the Woodland World 

Woodland Dreams

Night Animals

(affiliate links)


Woodland Animal Activities


Preschool Owl Activities

These free printables include Letter recognition, counting games, and puzzles all with an owl theme. 



Going on a Bear Hunt Printables

This set of printables includes a sequencing activity, a bear dot marker page, and an animal footprint matching game. 


The Mitten Dice Game

After you read this classic story, play this dice game that includes woodland animals. Practice counting and number recognition in a fun way. 


Squirrel and Acorn Preschool Printables

This is a paid printable pack, but it includes so much. Colors, shapes, counting, and the alphabet too all with a squirrel theme. 

Preschool Fox Printables

This free printable pack includes counting, sorting, and a puzzle. 

​Forest Animal Matching Activities

3 different matching activities that all include woodland animals. 

Animal Tracks Book

This free printable book shows what the tracks of different woodland animals look like. It is in color or black and white. 


Woodland animals crafts