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Free Christmas Coordinate Graphing Worksheets

Free Christmas Coordinate Graphing Worksheets

Are you looking for fun educational games that include plotting points on a coordinate plane? You will want to add these mystery picture pages to your lesson plans. 

In 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students will begin to graph ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. They will work with whole numbers first and then extend the coordinate grid to include negative numbers. Have fun with these graphing activities with a Christmas twist. 

Free Christmas Coordinate Plane Graphing Worksheets


Connect each of the end points in the printable worksheet to find what Christmas themed picture appears. There are 8 different Christmas worksheets in this free download. An answer key is also included. 

​Mystery Pictures Included

  • Christmas Tree
  • Present
  • Ornament
  • Bell
  • Mitten
  • Stocking
  • Candy cane
  • Holly


How do you plot points on a coordinate plane?

  1. The points or coordinates are written in a format like this (x, y). 
  2. The first number in the ordered pair will be on the x axis and the second number will be on the y axis.
  3. A helpful tip that I teach my students is that the y axis is vertical or goes up and down like the letter y. 
  4. Start at (0,0) which is the intersection of the x axis and y axis. 
  5. Move horizontal along the x axis to the first number of the pair. 
  6. Then move vertically, up and down, to the number on the y axis. That is where you make your point or dot. 


When would you use coordinate planes in the real world?

​Many math students ask themselves or ask their teacher, “Why do we need to know how to do this?” The answer is simple. Many careers and hobbies use this skill so it is important to learn it. The good news is that once you learn this skill, you will remember it forever. So let’s take a look at careers that use graphing on coordinate planes. 

  • Engineers use coordinate planes to make predictions and mathematical models. 
  • Architects often use them to design a model or building. 
  • You would also use them in cartography or map making. 
  • Meteorologists need to be familiar with coordinate planes and plotting points too. They will use them to locate different weather systems or features on a map. 
  • GPS maps use a coordinate system. 
  • Astronomers use a coordinate system to communicate the location of things in the sky. 
  • In robotics the x and y axis are used in programs. 


There are so many jobs that use this skill so why not learn it today in a fun way. Plot the points and reveal a fun picture. Color the picture when it is complete. Look at the points before you start graphing. Do you have a prediction of what the picture will be when the graphing is complete? How fast can you graph the points? Have a graphing race or time yourself. 


Christmas Coordinate Plane Graphing Worksheets FREE


Download the Graphing Worksheets and let the fun begin!


Whether you homeschool, teach a math class in a public school, or need a fun activity for a Math class Christmas party, these Christmas coordinate graphing worksheets are just what you need to make learning fun.