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Simple recipes for cooking with kids. Free printables including recipes for beginning readers. Cooking with kids develops reading skills and mathematical thinking. Cooking with kids inspires them to try new foods. 10 snack mix recipes for kids in the kitchen that kids can make by themselves. Free printable recipes for kids that are simple and fun to make. Cooking with toddlers and cooking with preschoolers strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Delicious Dreidel Brownies

Hanukkah is almost over but there’s still time to make delicious Dreidel Brownies that your kids will love! Delicious Dreidel Brownies Ingredients: 2 boxes brownie mix Pretzel sticks (snapped in half) Blue frosting (or make your own blue with food coloring) White icing piping pen (You can find these on the same aisle as the …

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Recipes for Beginning Readers

Do you have a beginning reader (interested in trying to read, can identify a few sight words, and uses picture clues while reading)? It can be hard to find interesting material for beginning readers to have fun reading that are at the right level (not too difficult). That’s why I developed these recipes for beginning …

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