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Lacing with Water Noodles

This lacing with water noodles activity from My Little Gems is awesome! Grab a few of the water noodles that are hopefully on sale right now and make them into a large lacing activity by cutting the noodles into pieces. photo courtesy of My Little Gems I have had this activity on my “to do” list …

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Sorting Bottle Tops

Last week I featured a few activities that you can do with bottle tops. I wanted to include this sorting bottle tops activity too because it is great for vocabulary! I had B sort the tops into 3 piles (small, medium, and large). It was neat to see him figure out which pile they should go …

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Shape Hunt

An easy way to work on shapes is to go on a shape hunt. I cut 5 shapes out of construction paper and had B look around the house for items of each shape. Quick, simple, and fun!

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Color Hunt

This color hunt activity was a fun way to combine colors and counting all at once. I cut and laid out colored pieces of paper (as shown above). B went on a hunt and found 1 black object, 2 yellow, 3 orange, etc. Simple, fun, and quick! This could also be a great way to …

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Same & Different

I bought this pack of cards from the Target dollar spot awhile ago and B has been interested in them lately. I love that it gives us the opportunity to talk about same and different, but there are so many possibilities on each card that I think it is a bit much for B.      So I decided to …

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