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Sink or Float?

Today, I had B hunt for things in the playroom to see if they would sink or float. (He was so excited that he was collecting EVERYTHING so we had to stop and talk about things that could get wet and things that couldn’t.) After he put the object in the water, I had him …

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Car Painting

Awhile ago we tried one of our new favorite painting styles, car painting. Have your child drive a matchbox car through some paint and then drive it on their paper. Simple as that and a nice change of pace from a regular brush.

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Outline Mat

I read about this Outline Mat idea on FUNdamentals. I traced random objects that I found in the playroom and then had B put the objects in the outline like a puzzle. B had such a great time! He was working on it over and over again so I made another one. Then, I traced …

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