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Seashell Wind Chime Craft for Kids

All you need are beads, shells, and a few other supplies for this beautiful wind chime craft for kids. This wind chime makes an awesome porch decoration or gift for someone special.    Materials: Pony Beads Seashells Thumbtack Jumbo wooden popsicle/craft stick Thread or String Scissors   With a parents help, carefully punch a hole …

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Mondrian Inspired Bead Craft

Art by Piet Mondrian is inspirational for both children and adults. Primary colors, abstract shapes, and straight lines are all a part of this Mondrian Inspired Bead Craft.  Supplies:  8 x 10 inch flat canvas or thick cardboard white glue (dries clear) pony beads (red, black, yellow, blue) Download and Print the Mondrian Inspired Pattern …

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