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Preschool math activities for kids. Math printables for preschoolers. Math games and activities that make learning fun. Math puzzles and critical thinking activities for preschoolers.

Free Preschool Counting Mats for Mini Erasers

Counting Mats and mini erasers is a great activity for young children to practice counting, compare more and less, and to have a visual of how many are in that number. You can use these number mats in different ways. The simple mat includes an amount of circles (for small erasers, Lego bricks, pom poms, …

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Ten Frame Addition Worksheets (free printable)

Ten frame addition worksheets are a great way to strengthen number sense, counting, and number recognition. There are different ways to use these ten frame worksheets to practice addition skills. They are great to use for Kindergarten Math in small groups, for morning work, or to put in a Math center (laminate and use dry …

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Pizza Math Activities (free printable)

These fun pizza math activities are the perfect way for older children to experience the concept of fractions and great way for little learners to practice counting skills. You’re never too old for pretend play! So, turn your table into a pizzeria and have fun preparing the pizza orders and practicing different math skills! My …

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The Best Preschool Puzzles

Puzzles are so beneficial for young children! Here the best preschool puzzles for children ages 3-5. Puzzles are a great way to develop the following skills: fine motor skills cognitive skills hand-eye coordination visual discrimination problem solving spatial skills critical thinking Puzzles come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. This collection of the best puzzles …

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