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Printable games for kids to make learning fun. Printable counting games and board games. Dice games for preschoolers. Printable games like charades for the whole family.

Pete the Cat Printables and Activities (free)

Pete the Cat is a pretty groovy cat. He sings, plays guitar, and has over 15 books written about him. He’s pretty much a household name and a staple in elementary classrooms and libraries. Preschoolers, kindergarten students, and even older kids know Pete the Cat absolutely love his stories, songs, and more. If you have …

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Insect Dice Game (free printable)

This insect dice game is so much fun! It can be used in Math centers, played in a small group, and goes with any bug theme lesson plans. Number of Players: 2-4 Targets Different Skills: number recognition counting visual discrimination tracking Setting Up: Each player needs: Game board Printable (each game board is slightly different) …

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Printable Animal Classification Game for Kids (free)

This animal classification game for kids is a fun way for a small group to learn about basic classification of the animal kingdom and different continents where they live. Categories of Different Animal Groups Birds Insects Mammals Reptiles Amphibians Fish Characteristics Birds have a beak, feathers, and wings. They breathe with lungs and lay eggs …

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