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Nuts and Bolts

An inexpensive activity that promotes the development of motor skills is to play and experiment with nuts and bolts. Get 3-5 bolts of various sizes, the corresponding washers, and the corresponding nuts. Let your child figure out which ones fit together and practice screwing on the nuts. I started with 3 of them for B. …

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Go Away Big Green Monster Activities for Kids

Here are a bunch of great Go Away Big Green Monster activities for your child based on the book by Ed Emberley, a favorite among children’s books. B is going through a phase of nighttime fears and issues with scary monsters, so I’m hoping that by reading the story and participating in some of these …

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Crayon Resist Paintings

Crayon resist paintings are simple and fun to do. I remember doing this when I was younger. Draw a “secret message” with a white crayon and have your child paint over it with watercolors to see the message appear. This is a neat activity if you are working on letter of the day, shapes, introducing …

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