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Organized Chaos

There is a lot of talk right now out there in blogger world about organization (must be back to school time) and I wanted to show you the one inexpensive organizational tool that is working for us right now in this room of organized chaos. My hubby bought a big heavy duty cardboard cylindar from …

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Gel Window Clings

If you haven’t discovered gel window clings yet, you’ve been missing out. B loves them! I was ok with just letting him arrange them on the windows while I cleaned or made dinner but he started organizing them by color and I realized we had a potential learning experience on our hands. Here are a …

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Shopping List Activity

Overall, this Shopping List Activity is something simple that is well worth the time to create if it keeps your child happy in the grocery cart (although a doughnut or sucker works well too). It can be adapted to all ages and specific needs of each child. (older kids = making the list themselves)   …

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