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Ten Frame Addition Worksheets (free printable)

Ten frame addition worksheets are a great way to strengthen number sense, counting, and number recognition. There are different ways to use these ten frame worksheets to practice addition skills. They are great to use for Kindergarten Math in small groups, for morning work, or to put in a Math center (laminate and use dry …

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Toddler Activities Using Containers

I purchased these mini storage containers. (10 for $1)  I brought them home and explored the possibilities and came up with Toddler Activities Using Containers.  Our shape for the week is a square, so I chose this shape for us to count. How many orange squares are in the container? How many blue squares? LM would take them …

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Simple Addition/Subtraction Game

This is a simple addition/subtraction game to introduce simple addition, subtraction, and combinations of 10. Materials: paper plate (write the number 5 on it) counters (we used large wooden beads) index cards (with numbers 1-5 written on them) Directions: Start with 5 counters on the plate. Pick an index card (from a pile or bag) …

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