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Delicious Dreidel Brownies

Hanukkah is almost over but there’s still time to make delicious Dreidel Brownies that your kids will love! Delicious Dreidel Brownies Ingredients: 2 boxes brownie mix Pretzel sticks (snapped in half) Blue frosting (or make your own blue with food coloring) White icing piping pen (You can find these on the same aisle as the …

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Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe

My son loves pizza but it’s not something I usually have on hand. I do, however, usually have grilled cheese ingredients! Here’s a Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe thats an easy way to get your child cooking with you in the kitchen! Ingredients: Bread Cheese Butter (optional) Toppings like pepperoni, veggies, meat, etc. Tomato sauce Set …

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