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  • Make a Letter Collage to Learn the Letters of Your Name

    Letter Collage

    My daughter (4 years old) is really showing interest in letters, especially those that make up her name. So today…

  • Fancy Nancy Activities

    My girls have loved reading the Fancy Nancy series by Jane O’Connor since they were each 2. The books are…

  • Crafts for Toddlers

     G (18 months) sees his big sis M (5.5) doing art ALL THE TIME and wants so badly to join….

  • Simple Christmas Tree Craft

    Simple Christmas Tree Craft

    Day 10 of the Activity Advent Calendar – Paint a Christmas Tree Another Simple Christmas Tree Craft! It’s the simple…

  • Simple Thanksgiving Cards

    Our family lives across the country and we won’t get to see them for Thanksgiving so B and I made…