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Kids Science Experiments at Home

You can do Fun Science Experiments at Home! I never would have thought I could help my son make his own anemometer to measure wind speed! How cool! This easy experiment makes science fun! The cool thing about this Science activity is that young kids can experience and build background knowledge about a difficult concept …

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Clipboard for Kids

Spice up pretend play with this quick, easy to make clipboard for kids! Use a hot glue gun to attach a clip to the top of a sturdy shoe box lid. Let it dry and have fun! Your child can use this DIY clipboard to play restaurant, store, doctor, teacher, etc.

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Guess the Number

Yesterday I shared a Number Tower activity with the same styrofoam cups. We put the numbered cups to use again with this “Guess the Number” Game. So simple and so fun! Get a small object (we used a flower eraser) and five cups. I decided to use cups 6-10 because those are harder for N …

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Number Towers

Make these DIY Number Towers for your preschooler! Write numbers on styrofoam cups from 1-10. Challenge your child to put them in order from 1 to 10 and/or from 10 to 1 by stacking them and making a number tower.  I love that this quick activity gives your kids a chance to identify numbers and …

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