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DIY Water Run

I always try to add a new twist to the playing and learning that happens at our water/sand table. I’ve tried water beads, a frog pond theme, and this time I decided to make a DIY water run to encourage the kids to experiment and pretend. Empty International Delight coffee creamer bottles, water bottles, and …

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Homemade Toys

Want to make some fun, easy, and cheap toys for your tot?  I bet you have most of these materials in your house! Straw Drop I took a plastic container and used my exacto knife to cut rectangles in the lid, some big and some small.  Then I cut plastic straws to varying lengths and …

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Sticky Sensory Table

How to Make a Sticky Sensory Table: Cover a table or small area with contact paper, stick side up. Tape the sides down and explore with different objects on the sticky table. We used pom poms, pipe cleaners, ribbons, straws, and dominos. Make designs, see what objects stick the best, and have fun with this …

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