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Hotel Transylvania 2 Counting Game

  This Hotel Transylvania 2 Counting Game includes your child’s favorite characters from the movie. Your preschooler won’t be able to resist playing over and over again (which means a lot of counting practice for your little one)! How to Play: Download and print the Hotel Transylvania Dice Game Mat. Gather 1 die and 10 …

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Guess the Number

Yesterday I shared a Number Tower activity with the same styrofoam cups. We put the numbered cups to use again with this “Guess the Number” Game. So simple and so fun! Get a small object (we used a flower eraser) and five cups. I decided to use cups 6-10 because those are harder for N …

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The Button Game

Add The Button Game to the list of button activities. This game is simple and fun! Line up 21 buttons (or a different object you have a lot of). When it is your turn, you can take away 1, 2, or 3 buttons from the line. Continue taking turns. The person that picks the last …

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Christmas Tree Board Game

Today we are going to play the Christmas Tree Board Game from Activity Village. We are going to play the simple way and just use dice and the game board (shown above), but they also have game cards to go along with it that make this a fun game for older children as well.

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