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What Goes Together?

This What Goest Together idea from Monkeyin Around is awesome! Collect a group of objects and have your child match the items that go together. I love how fast this was to put together and how effective it was. It was great for vocabulary development when I asked B WHY two items go together.

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Giant Masking Tape Game Board

At Inspiration Surrounds Creativity Abounds, she featured this giant masking tape game board that they have used for so many neat games! They have played games about colors, numbers, letters, sorting, and even used the grid as streets for pretend play. Such a neat, inexpensive idea! Read more about these grid games and the other …

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Fun with Bean Bags

We had so much fun with bean bags! Throwing them, putting them in numerical order, hopping over them and then clapping that many times, but our favorite game to play with them is a game from our youth. I won an awesome set of number bean bags from Spotted Whale in a giveaway hosted by JDaniel4s Mom …

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On a Walk Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever been on a walk with your children and halfway through they shout that they are bored? That happens to me all of the time. So I tried this “On a Walk Scavenger Hunt”.  I printed simple pictures that we had a good chance of seeing on our walk. Use sticky notes or stickers to …

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