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Learning Letter Sounds with Tiny Objects

You’ve heard The Activity Moms rave about tiny objects and how our preschoolers and even older children LOVE them! And we love how much they can LEARN with them! We’ve used our tiny objects in a toddler activity (also great for busy bags) to match a few tiny objects to their beginning letter. We’ve filled …

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60 Free Printable Matching Games for Kids

A printable matching game is a great first activity to try with your toddler or preschooler. You can print a card game and match, sort, or play Memory with these cards. Here’s a collection of 60+ FREE printable matching games and printable memory games for your preschooler or toddler:   Matching Colors Young children can …

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Turkey Feather Matching (printable)

This is a simple and fun activity to practice matching with your toddler, or use the variations described below to play with your preschooler!       Turkey Feather Matching Download Two different turkeys are included depending on the concept you want to practice with your little one.  Download, print, and cut out the pieces …

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