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Making Family Memories

Every so often I get a much needed reminder to pause my to-do list and enjoy life’s moments. To remember what’s important, making family memories. The other day I decided to ditch my chores and surprise B at school to eat lunch with him. Oh the hugs I got that afternoon made it totally worth it! As …

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Enjoying the Little Things

A parent’s “To Do” list never seems to end. Sometimes I get so busy multitasking and checking things off my list that every now and then when I really slow down for just a second I realize I’ve missed out on what’s important, enjoying the little things. Olivari is celebrating “One Year of Little”, the little things …

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The Woombie Giveaway!

In one of my recent posts, Baby Activity – Sleeping! I talked about how The Woombie has changed our lives! Apparently, my swaddling skills are below average, even with the largest blankets. B always got his legs out and N will not quit until her arms are out! My friend gave me a Woombie to try and …

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