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Painting Tray Idea

This painting tray idea is perfect for all ages creating art if you need different colors of paint to use for your masterpiece. I have this large, plastic egg tray (from Dollar Tree) that I originally used for Baby’s First Sensory Tub and then again for patterning with pom poms and for sorting small objects. …

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Fun with Paint

Fun with Paint…..I know paint can be messy, but it’s SO fun for little hands!  We try and use Crayola Washable paints as much as we can because the clean up really is a snap.  Here are some fun ways we keep painting fresh! Paint withOUT a paintbrush!  We love to use found objects, such as …

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Playing and Learning with Your 2 Year Old

Being two years old is an exciting period of development.  Playing and learning with your 2 year old is really important because ideas and concepts are really starting to pull together and you can almost see the connections being made.   So, capitalize on this time with your two year old and try to expose …

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Dollar Store Challenge – Activities on a Budget

 I love, love, love creating new activities and games for M.  She’s almost 5 but still loves tonging and tweezing, sorting and grouping. Last week, I gave myself a challenge.  I call it, “The Dollar Store Challenge.”  Clever, huh? My (self-imposed) rule was to come out with as many activities as possible for only a …

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Corn on the Cob Painting

Isn’t this corn painting from Fun for Kids such a neat idea? Use uncooked corn on the cob pieces and roll them into the paint and then onto your paper. The kids could stay busy making place mats, coasters, or even a table runner while you prepare for Thanksgiving.

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9 Pet Rock Activities

Making pet rocks is such a simple and fun craft. Pick a rock, paint it, glue on accessories, etc. Here are 9 Pet Rock Activities. Pet Rock Activities Make up stories with your rocks. Make a rock family. Make a rock farm. Make rock super heroes. Paint the rocks to look like the planets. Write …

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Muffin Tin Prints

We were inspired by The Imagination Tree’s Muffin Tin Prints so we made our own.  Paint any muffin tin or ice cube mold (metal or silicon) on the bottom. Press the tin onto your paper. I think these prints turn out so neat and would look cool framed! Hop over to The Imagination Tree to see …

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Painting with a Roller

I found this Christmas roller on sale at Hobby Lobby. B had fun painting with it, although the Christmas shapes that were on the roller were hard to see in his final product. Painting with a roller would be a fun way to make wrapping paper, Christmas cards, or thank you notes!

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Straw Painting

Straw painting is a nice change of pace from traditional painting techniques.  Put paint on the paper and have your child blow through the straw to spread the paint. I used the Crayola washable paint but it really needed to be thinner so next time I will mix it with a little water first. Here’s …

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