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Printable Alphabet Tracing Cards (free)

These free letter tracing cards are a great way for young children to get extra practice with writing letters. This low prep activity includes the entire alphabet. The simple design and large letters are perfect for practicing correct letter formation.  These cards are great for traveling, waiting at restaurants or doctor’s appointments, or even for …

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Free Preschool Counting Mats for Mini Erasers

Counting Mats and mini erasers is a great activity for young children to practice counting, compare more and less, and to have a visual of how many are in that number. You can use these number mats in different ways. The simple mat includes an amount of circles (for small erasers, Lego bricks, pom poms, …

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Animal Matching Game (free printable)

  This free printable animal matching game is a fun way to practice the important skill of visual discrimination. Little learners will have lots of fun with this great activity. There are many ways you can use these picture cards with young children. No matter how you use the matching cards, they will increase their …

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