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Food Packaging Activities

Before you recycle them, put your food boxes to use to make these food packaging activities. For this activity, cut and save the front and back from each package. Put them in a pile and work together to match them up. B and I worked together and it was trickier than I thought it would be, …

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Opening & Closing

I’ve seen this opening and closing activity all over the internet and have been so excited to try it with B!  I saved up quite a few containers that open in different ways. I put a penny in each container and told Blake he could put the pennies in his bank if he could get them …

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Styrofoam and Toothpicks

Styrofoam and Toothpicks is a great open ended activity that your child will love. I put B’s name in dots on the styrofoam and had B stick a toothpick on each dot. My thought was after he was finished, he would look from above and see the letters of his name. I didn’t take into …

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