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Smurfs Craft

It is Smurfs Craft Mania at our house right now! Not only have we dressed up our Smurfs in thrifty outfits, now we are crafting our own mushroom houses for our Smurf characters. Thrifty Tip: Did you know you can buy JUST the toy at McDonalds (which is where we collected most of our Smurfs) …

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When Thrifty Becomes Embarrassing

When Thrifty Became Embarrassing I’d consider myself pretty thrifty. I love a good deal! However, every now and then there comes a time when thrifty becomes embarrassing. It happened to me (evidence of the event pictured above). The kids wanted outfits for their Build-a-Bear Smurfs and I told them to save their money. Note: At …

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