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Fun Pom Pom Activities for Toddlers

I love using pom poms with toddlers to make learning fun! They are inexpensive (dollar store or craft store) and there are so many simple ways to create activities with them. Check out our favorite pom pom activities for toddlers.   Pom Poms and Trays Younger Toddlers The simple activity of putting the colored pom …

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What Goes Together?

This What Goest Together idea from Monkeyin Around is awesome! Collect a group of objects and have your child match the items that go together. I love how fast this was to put together and how effective it was. It was great for vocabulary development when I asked B WHY two items go together.

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Interview Your Child

Take time today to Interview Your Child (found on Giggles Galore). Asking these questions could be a tradition you do with each of your children at the beginning of every new year or on their birthday. Click on the link above to visit Giggles Galore to view some sample questions. Happy 2010! Because B is still …

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