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Learning Activities for 18 Month Olds to Do at Home

Here’s a variety of learning activities for 18 month old toddlers. This variety of activities is a great way for helping young toddlers develop lifelong skills. It is a great opportunity to spend to spend quality time together playing and learning. I love simple activities (using household items if possible) that don’t take a lot of …

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Activities on a Budget

Time for another Dollar Store Challenge with Activities on a budget. If you live near a dollar store (or any place with a dollar spot, like Target or Michaels or Joanns), try this out.  Give yourself a budget (um, $5 is plenty!) and see what learning activities can be created from your shopping spree. BBQ Tongs …

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Have a Dance Party!

There’s usually a moment in the day when we need a break or distraction (You know…when the kids are wrestling, they both need my attention but I need to cook, or when we just need to burn some extra energy). I’ve found that the BEST thing to do is have a DANCE PARTY!! We crank …

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