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Toddler Activities in a Britax Car Seat – Giveaway

Check out these road trip activities! You have a safe and comfortable car seat, every item you need is packed, you’ve prepared the perfect play list, and you are ready to hit the road. Wait! You need these 8 Toddler Activities that are perfect to work on in a car seat! Stickers Stickers are perfect …

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Airplane Game

Traveling with kids on an airplane can be tough. What else can you try when what you have isn’t working? Try this quick airplane game with sticky notes. We recently flew with the kids and because N is 3 and B is 6 I didn’t have to pack as many activities to keep them happy …

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Travel Activities

Happy Kids = Happy Traveling! Here are a few simple activity ideas to make your holiday traveling easier. (Note: Starting Monday, a week’s worth of simple, verbal car game ideas!) Toddlers *Drop small erasers (from Dollar Store) into a water bottle. Shake them, dump them out, or practice twisting off the top. *Cut a slit into …

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