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Make a Lava Lamp Lava lamps are awesome and so fun to watch! Here’s how to make a lava lamp: Get a clear jar (glass or plastic). It has to be a container with a secure lid. A 64-oz soda bottle will do. Rinse the container thoroughly with clean water to ensure that all contaminants and impurities are …

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Raised Salt Paintings

Our favorite projects are those that include a mix of science and art. Raised salt paintings are a fun way to meet both of those needs and uses household items! Grab some white glue and have your preschooler draw shapes on thick paper (we used cardstock). Make sure that the glue isn’t too thin and …

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Glowing Balloons

Put a glow stick inside a balloon as you are blowing it up and have some fun!   It needs to be really dark to appreciate the glowing balloons and I had to put 2 glowing bracelets in each balloon to make them brighter. Next time I’d pick a shorter, thicker glow stick. Thank you …

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Puddle Experiment

Try this puddle experiment with your toddler or preschooler. Next time it rains, go outside (after it is done of course) and trace a puddle. Go back outside every 30 minutes to an hour and trace where the outside of the puddle is again. Ask your child, “Why is it getting smaller? How?”

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