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Guest Posting on The Activity Mom

Interesting on guest posting on The Activity Mom? The Activity Mom is Now Accepting Guest Posts!
Your guest post should include:
  • Your Bio (brief description of you or your site, linked to your homepage, with a picture of you or your site logo/button)
  • One unique (not already found on your site) kids’ activity that includes at least one picture and a description.
  • After the activity description, you can feature 2-4 “teaser” pictures and links of other kids’ activities or family friendly ideas that can be found on your site. For example, “If you like this activity, you’ll love these other ideas at! Popsicle Stick Craft (linked text to your site with small picture above), Cookie Recipe (linked text to your site with small picture above).
Topic Ideas:
  • Toddler Activities and Crafts
  • Baby Songs or Developmental Activities
  • Cooking with Kids (including the simple recipe)
  • Kids’ Crafts using Recycled Materials
  • Kids’ Activities/Crafts Using Common Items Found Around the House
  • Alphabet Activities and Games
  • Counting Activities and Games
  • Activities and Games to Get Kids Moving
  • Water Play
  • Sensory Play
  • Pretend Play (that readers can easily set up)
  • Science Experiments and Activities
  • Summer/After School Activities or Games for Kids 6+ Yrs. Old
  • Christian Crafts and Activities
  • Printable Games and/or Resources
  • Other Topics Can Be Approved
Benefits to Guest Posting at The Activity Mom:
  • Links in the post will benefit your site (google page rank, SEO, etc.)
  • Your post that is featured on The Activity Mom will be promoted via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • I will promote the “teaser” activities from your site on Facebook, OR Pinterest, OR Twitter.
Other Rules:
  • The submitted post will become the property of The Activity Mom and shared via social media as such.
  • Do NOT repost the same activity/article on your site. This will hurt both of our sites.
  • Pictures should be/will be watermarked with your site (small watermark as seen on The Activity Mom).
  • The format of your guest post may be edited for site continuity purposes.
  • I have the right to ask for revisions or to decline guest post submissions.
  • Affiliate links may NOT be included in your guest post.
How to Submit Your Guest Post:
  • Please contact me for idea approval.
  • Write the guest post on your blog, but do NOT publish it. Email me the html code of the blog post. If you are unsure of how to do this, I’d be more than happy to walk you through it.
  • Or email me your guest post written in Word with the pictures attached.
Questions? Email me at
**If you are looking to promote your business or company, this guest posting option is NOT for you. Please contact me to discuss advertising opportunities and rates.