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Color Hunt

Color Hunt
Go on a Color Hunt with your toddler! You can hunt around the house or around the yard (a little bit more challenging). A Color Hunt is such a great experience for identifying colors and talking about different shades of colors.
Color Hunt


Shoe boxes
Construction paper
Small toys around the house
Skills: Color Identification, Classifying
color hunt


  1. Wrap shoe boxes in construction paper.
  2. Focusing on one color for a week or month (depending on age), lead your child on a color hunt. Find toys or objects around the house that match that color box and let your child collect them in the box. (Before moving on to the next color, leave 3-5 small objects or toys in that particular box and put the box away for later)
  3. When you have introduced 2 different colors, bring both boxes out. Tell your child, “Look we have a box of red things and a box of blue things”. Dump them out and say “Can you put all of the red things in this box and all of the blue things in this box?”
  4. Each time you add a new color, provide a time for your child to practice sorting the colors.


Monday 28th of September 2009

Thanks for sharing this post with me! Using the boxes to keep the objects in is a great idea, especially for reviewing later like you did. I'll definitely incorporate that into our color learning:)