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Games with Felt Pieces

Games with Felt Pieces
If you are like me you have extra felt pieces laying around from projects (that were awesome or didn’t work out). Here are several games with felt pieces that you can put those pieces to use!
Games with Felt Pieces

Materials: felt pieces, marker (optional)

Here are a few fun ideas for how to use felt pieces:

  • Hopscotch
  • Obstacle Course
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Musical Squares
  • Tee Ball Bases

Hopscotch/Hopping around
Ages 18 months – 4 yrs.
For younger kids, let them arrange the squares on the floor however they want and practice jumping from square to square. (B created this activity on his own pretending he was hopscotching like Curious George). For older children write a number with marker on the squares so they can jump in order to make it more of a challenge.

Musical Squares
Ages 3-6
Put the felt pieces in a circle and play musical squares (musical chairs) by turning the music on and off and then removing a felt piece after each round.

Obstacle Course
Ages 3-6
Another option for older kids, have them make an obstacle course around the room where all they can step on are the felt pieces.

Bean Bag Toss
Ages 18 months – 6 yrs.Use the felt pieces for a bean bag toss by writing different numbers on the pieces of felt to earn points if the bean bag lands on them. For younger children, don’t worry about the points just give a big cheer if their bean bag lands on the square at all. Don’t have bean bags? Use a small ziplock with beans or pasta in it or take a piece of felt and sew or glue the sides together and add beans or pasta.

Tee Ball Bases
Ages 2-6 Put those felt pieces around the room or around the yard as bases for your tee ball game.

Felt pieces are around 20 cents each or even cheaper if you get them during a sale. You can’t go wrong with spending a couple dollars for endless fun.


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