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Gel Window Clings

If you haven’t discovered gel window clings yet, you’ve been missing out. B loves them! I was ok with just letting him arrange them on the windows while I cleaned or made dinner but he started organizing them by color and I realized we had a potential learning experience on our hands.
gel window clings

Here are a few things we’ve done with these gel window clings:

~Group by color
~Group by size
~Arrange them in a row (small, medium, large)
~Run and move them from one window to another across the house (relay style)
~Create a scene and make up a story about what is happening

I would recommend buying them on sale (I like to stock up after holidays or at the dollar store). If you have a dog or cat, it only takes a few days for that pet hair to gravitate toward the clings. If you only spent 50 cents on them you don’t feel as bad when it’s time to throw them away.


Saturday 10th of October 2009

Just bought a bunch of halloween ones...once they get gross and hairy, if you wash them in warm water and soap and pat dry they come out great and ready to re-use!