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Experiment With What You Have

I love an activity that you can throw together and experiment with what you have.
experiment with what you have

For this experiment we used a wrapping paper tube, pom poms, and a bucket. We tucked it in the corner of the couch at an angle and experimented with sending pom poms down the tube. At first, B just enjoyed sending them down and seeing them come out on the other end. Then, I put the bucket at the bottom and told him to see if he could get them to fall into the bucket. Fun! I loved seeing him experiment with this and move the bucket around trying to figure it out.

I’m thinking next time I’ll buy one of those large mailing tubes and figure out a way to attach it to the banister. That way we can use balls of different size and texture.

Don’t have any pom poms and don’t want to buy them JUST for this activity? Check out these other Pom Pom Activities.

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Sunday 30th of August 2009

We do something similar at our house - we attach the tube to the stair railing and M has to go up and down the stairs to do it, lol. It's one way I have of trying to wear him out. :) I love your blog - so full of great ideas!!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas

Sunday 30th of August 2009

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and was wondering where you get the blocks that go with the patterns in your "pattern blocks and printable mats" post. I am new to this pre-school education stuff so this may be an obvious question. Thanks, my email is or you can click on my profile.


Friday 28th of August 2009

Great idea...I just got a huge bag from discount school supply. We will be trying this activity out!