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Go Away Big Green Monster Activities for Kids

Go Away Big Green Monster Activities for Kids

Here are a bunch of great Go Away Big Green Monster activities for your child based on the book by Ed Emberley, a favorite among children’s books.

B is going through a phase of nighttime fears and issues with scary monsters, so I’m hoping that by reading the story and participating in some of these activities, that he will be able to tell those “scary things” to go away and his fear of monsters will follow!

The book describes the face of the monster as having sharp white teeth, long nose, and a red mouth. This is a one of the favorite books of my young students too.

Here are a few that I’m excited to try:



Go Away Big Green Monster Playdough Activity from Walking by the Way. Change the monster’s facial features and body parts in a variety of ways with different art supplies.



Visual Discrimination Activity from Making Learning Fun – Change the monster pieces to match the monster page. Make these pieces using craft foam and try this activity in the bath tub. The craft foam pieces will stick to the wall of the tub and to each other so you can change the monster face.


Green Monster Sensory Tub from Mommy and Me Book Club


Sequence Cards from Making Learning Fun can be included in a literacy center after reading this fun book.


M is for Monster from Izzie, Mac and Me – Make Your Own Monster



Math Game from Making Learning Fun – Roll and Color Your Own Monster


Go Away Big Green Monster Puppet from Artsonia


Go Away Big Green Monster Flip Book from Making Learning Fun

Following Directions Literacy Activities from Making Learning Fun
Big Green Monster Snack with Printable Kid Friendly Recipe from Making Learning Fun

Mrs. U

Tuesday 29th of January 2013

This book is wonderful! My husband was activated and sent to Bosnia when our boys were 2 & 5. My youngest son invented an invisible friend "Visable", we fought bad dreams constantly, & the closet became our enemy. He found Go away big green monster at our weekly library visit. It did wonders! Maybe because he was in control of whether the monster came back or not, I don't know but it was a blessing!


Friday 5th of March 2010

Those do sound like a lot of fun. My son loves this book. I did a review on my blog about it, I hope it's alright that I added a link to your site! Christina

Mama Ruck

Friday 23rd of October 2009

When I taught preschool the children would 'build' the monster along with the book using construction paper cut outs. The teacher did the cutting beforehand using the book as a pattern. It was a rare project that we cut out pieces for the children to glue, but this one was worth it. The kids really enjoyed the book and activity.


Friday 23rd of October 2009

We've never read this book, but it looks cute!