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Going on a Letter Hunt

Going on a Letter Hunt

Going on a Letter Hunt….

going on a letter hunt

While B was napping one day I took these letter sticky notes and hid them all over the house. When he woke up I told him there was an alphabet mystery (referring to a favorite book) downstairs and he needed to help me solve the problem.

going on a letter hunt
When he found a sticky note he would bring it to me and tell me what letter it is and what sound it makes. Then I put them in order on the counter so we could see which letters we still needed to find. After we finished, he hid them for me to find. Fun!

Don’t have letter sticky notes? No problem. Make your own with regular sticky notes and leave off the picture.

Next time, I will plan ahead and stick the letters on things that start with that letter (L on the lamp, D on the door) so we can work on beginning sounds!

anne @ Floralshowers Craft Blog

Tuesday 2nd of February 2010

such a cute idea... =)

The Activity Mom

Monday 1st of February 2010

I got the sticky notes on sale at Walgreens after "Back to School" time.

Casey, love that idea to reinforce letters and the song too!

Multi-Tasking Mommy, great idea to hunt for words! You could even put the words into a sentence after you find them all!


Sunday 31st of January 2010

This is a great idea. In case you are interested, we do something a little different. I put out several of the same letters around the house and she has to come back with all of the A's (for example). I did the same thing when she was learning numbers. I like to make up silly songs while she does it to keep her enthusiasm up ("We're looking for the "d", we're looking for the "d", hi-ho the cherry-o, we're looking for the "d"")


Saturday 30th of January 2010

love it

Multi-tasking Mommy

Friday 29th of January 2010

What a super idea!Where did you get those stickies? They are cute.

I did this with sight words in the summer last year, leading up to Junior Kindergarten. Every day while my son was napping, my daughter and I would play word hunt, it was a lot of fun. I let her hide the words and I would hunt and then we would switch.

Tip: Always count how many you hide so you know how many to look for!